Why Rockford, IL is So Great!

If you are ever visiting Chicago but have never heard of Rockford, Illinois, then you owe it to yourself to visit this little hidden gem if you ever get the chance. Most people have never heard of the cities surrounding the windy city and usually don’t take the effort to ever visit but boy are they missing out! Although it won’t be as lively and give you the feel of a big city, there are tons of things to do that anyone would enjoy. If you visit here you can see some of the official facts and information on Rockford but for someone with personal experience in fun you can keep on reading!

Out of all of the activities in Rockford, the Anderson Japanese Gardens are among the most fascinating and beautiful of them all. If you are into gardening or flowers at all, then this is a must see. The gardens are always very well kept and are home to some of the most beautiful array of flowers and plant life that I have ever witnessed. This is an absolute hidden gem and most of the people that I have talked to in regards to Rockford have never even heard of these gardens. If you are ever in the area, you definitely owe it to yourself to see what a real garden is supposed to look like!

Best Place for Kids

If you have any children with you, then the Discovery Center Museum is another must and is a great way to take up an entire afternoon! This museum is very engaging and interactive for kids and will actually have them wanting to learn about things that you could never imagine they would enjoy! Even if your kids aren’t typically into museums and places as such, this one will make them think differently about museums and will keep them wanting more.

If you are looking to reward your kids for their amazing behavior and enthusiasm for the museum, then Skateland is the perfect place to go! It is hard to find roller skating rinks these days and the ones that you do find are generally run down and way out-dated. Well Skateland has made sure to keep their place of entertainment in top condition and have really taken care of everything. From their pizza to their arcade games, there are loads of things to do that will be sure to entertain kids of all ages for hours!

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Westmoreland was Great

For the adults looking for a night out on the town, the Coronado Performing Arts Center is a must see for those interesting in live performances. If you have never had the privilege of seeing such a show, then this is a perfect place to introduce you into the amazing world of performance art and is guaranteed to have shows that anyone and everyone can enjoy. In addition to live performance entertainment, Rockford is home to the CherryVale Mall which is one of the best in all of the suburbs! It is a perfect place to wind down your action packed days of activities and offer plenty of options for food, shopping, and some good old fashioned fun for the whole family!

These are only some of the better known things to do in Rockford but rest assured there is plenty more that it has to offer!